The French Crown Jewels



Monarchs of France, Burgundy (Bourgogne),

and Franconia


King of Austrasia Dagobert I of the Franks

King of Austrasia St. Sigibert III of the Franks

King of Bourgogne, Chilperic II

King of Bourgogne, Conrad I "The Pacific" de Bourgogne
King of Burgundy, Rudolf II
King of Burgundy, Rudolph I
King of France, Clotaire I, Meroving
King of France, Dagobert III

King of France, Henri I

King of France, Hugh Capet

King of France Louis (Ludwig) II, "The Stammerer"

King of France, Louis VI "The Fat"
King of France, Louis VII Capet "le Jeune"

King of France, Philippe II “Auguste”
King of France, Lous (Ludwig) IV "d'Outre-Mer"

King of France, Philippe I
King of France, Robert I
King of France Robert II, "The Pious"
King of Franconia, Marcomire IV
King of Franks, Clodius II
King of Franks, Clodomir III
King of Franks, Clovis (Chlodovech) II
King of Franks, Marcomir III
King of Franks, Pepin III, the Short
King of Franks, Richemer
King of the Franks, Childeric I de Meroving
King of the Franks, Chilperic I of the Soissons
King of the Franks, Chlothar II
King of the Franks, Pharamond
King of the Franks, Thierry III (Theodoric)

King of the Salic Franks, Clovis I "The Great"

King of West Franks, Antenor IV
King of West Franks, Francus
Queen of France Adalaeide of Paris
Queen of France Gerberga Wettin of Saxony
Queen of France Gerberge of Saxony
Queen of the Franks Clotilde
Queen of the Franks Nantilde
Queen of the Franks Ragnatrud (Regintrude) of Austria