Chilperic I of the Soissons King of the FranksFredegund of Soissons

Chlothar II King of the FranksHaldetrude Queen of Soissons

Dagobert I of the Franks King of Austrasia

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Children with:
Ragnatrud (Regintrude) of Austria Queen of the Franks
Nantilde Queen of the Franks

Clovis (Chlodovech) II King of Franks
Saint Sigebert III of Austrasia
Dagobert I of the Franks King of Austrasia
  • Born: Abt 602, Metz, Austrasia, France
  • Married Abt 629 to Nantilde Queen of the Franks
  • Married to Ragnatrud (Regintrude) of Austria Queen of the Franks
  • Died: 15 Jan 639

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    Dagobert I , c. 612c. 639, Frankish king, son and successor of King Clotaire II. His father was forced to appoint Dagobert king of the East Frankish kingdom of Austrasia at the request of Pepin of Landen, mayor of the palace, and Arnulf, bishop of Metz, who effectively ruled in Austrasia. After Clotaire's death (629) Dagobert reunited Aquitaine with Austrasia and Neustria and became king of all the Franks. He was, however, forced by popular demand to give (634) Austrasia its own king in the person of his son, Sigebert III. The last of the Merovingians to exercise personal rule, he made himself independent of the great nobles, especially of Pepin of Landen. He extended his rule over the Basques and the Bretons. Dagobert's reign was prosperous; he was a patron of learning and the arts. He founded the first great abbey of Saint-Denis, where he is buried.
    Titles: King of the Franks (Roi des Francs)
    Reign: 623 - January 19, 638/639
    End of reign: January 19, 638/639, died

    The son of Clotaire II and Haldetrude, Dagobert was established as king in Austrasia in 623. He succeeded to the throne of entire Frankish kingdom after his father's death in 628 or 629.

    Dagobert concluded a friendship treaty with the Byzantine emperor Heraclius (ruled 610-641) and defeated the Gascons and Bretons. He also campaigned against the Slavs on his eastern frontier. In 631 he sent an army to Spain to help the Visigothic usurper Swinthila (Svintila, ruled 621-631). He moved his capital from Austrasia to Paris, a central location from which the kingdom could be governed more effectively. He then appeased the Austrasians by making his three-year-old son Sigebert their king in 634.

    Dagobert revised Frankish law, encouraged learning, patronized the arts, and founded the first great abbey of Saint-Denis, where he died on January 19, 638 or 639. He was succeeded by Sigebert III and another son, Clovis II.

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