Clovis I Saint Clothilde de BourgogneBerthar, Half King of Thuringia

Clotaire I, Meroving King of FranceRadegonde von Thuringia

Chilperic I of the Soissons King of the Franks

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Children with:
Fredegund of Soissons

Bertha de Meroving

Chlothar II King of the Franks
Chilperic I of the Soissons King of the Franks
  • Born: Abt 523, Soissons, Aisne, France
  • Married to Fredegund of Soissons
  • Died: Oct 584

    pict1799.jpg [82x82] Chilperic I, King of the Franks
    Chilperic I , d. 584, Frankish king of Neustria (56184), son of Clotaire I. He feuded bitterly with his brother Sigebert I, who had inherited the E Frankish kingdom that came to be known as Austrasia. Their struggle became savage after Chilperic and his mistress and future wife, Fredegunde, murdered (567) Chilperic's second wife, Galswintha; she was the sister of Sigebert's wife, Brunhilda. In the wars between the two brothers, Sigebert overran Neustria before his death (575). Later, Chilperic was murdered, probably at the instigation of Brunhilda. The feud was inherited by Chilperic's son and successor, Clotaire II.

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