Clodius (Clodio) King of the FranksBasina de Thuringia

Merovaeus (Merovius) (Meerweg) King of the Salic FranksVerica [Merovee] ??

Childeric I de Meroving King of the Salic Franks

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Children with:
Basina Andovera Von Thuringia

Clovis I "The Great" King of the Franks
Audefleda Meroving
Childeric I de Meroving King of the Salic Franks
  • Born: Abt 436, Westphalia, Germany
  • Married Abt 463, Germany, to Basina Andovera Von Thuringia
  • Died: 26 Nov 481

    pict1805.jpg [82x80] Childeric I de Meroving, "King of the Franks"
    Title: Traditionally called king of the Franks (Roi des Francs)
    Reign: 456/457 - 481/482 (traditional dates)
    End of reign: 481/482 (traditional date), died

    Childéric, named the son of Mérovée by Gregory of Tours (1), was the chief of the Salian Franks, who settled in Belgica Secunda, between the Meuse and Somme rivers. He was exiled to Thuringia for eight years by his own subjects, irritated by his violence, and replaced with the Roman military commander Ægidius. On his return, Childéric played an important role as an ally of the Romans. He helped the Romans to repel the Visigoths near Orléans, then took Angers (c. 463 or c. 469) and allied with Odoacer against the Aleman invasion (476/480).

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