Conrad I Comte de BourgogneAdelaide de Tours

Conrad II le Jeune Comte d'AuxerreWaldrada de Wormgau

Rudolph I King of Burgundy

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Children with:
Willa de Vienne

Rudolf II King of Burgundy
Rudolph I King of Burgundy
  • Born: Abt 847
  • Married Abt 888 to Willa de Vienne
  • Died: 6 Oct 911

    Rudolph I, Roi de Bourgogne, Comte d'Auderre
    First king of Juran (Upper) Burgundy (888912).

    The son of Konrad (d. 876), count of Auxerre of the powerful German Welf (Guelf) family, Rudolf succeeded to the duchy of Burgundy in 885 or 886. In January 888 he was crowned king at the abbey of St. Maurice d'Agaune and quickly extended his rule over much of Lorraine and Alsace. Attacked by Arnulf of Germany, Rudolf was unable to hold his new territory, and in late 888 he relinquished his claims in exchange for Arnulf's recognition of the kingdom of Burgundy.

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