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Clovis I Saint Clothilde de Bourgogne

Clotaire I, Meroving King of France

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Children with:
Radegonde von Thuringia

Childebert "The Catholique" Meroving

Chilperic I of the Soissons King of the Franks
Bertha de Meroving
Clotaire I, Meroving King of France
  • Born: Abt 497, Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
  • Married Abt 538 to Radegonde von Thuringia
  • Died: 23 Nov 561, Braines, Loire, Atlantique, France

    pict1801.jpg [82x81] Clotair I, King of France
    Clotaire (Chlothar) I "The Old" Meroving King of Soissons, Orleans & France

    The youngest son of Clovis I and Clotilde, Clotaire inherited a part of his father's kingdom. Initially, Clovis' domain included the old lands of the Salian Franks in modern northern France and Belgium with the center in Soissons, but by the end of his reign he united all Frankish lands.

    Clovis went on military campaign against the Burgundians in 523. He seized Authun and then ravaged Burgundy in 525. The death of his elder brother, Clodomir, in 524 caused partition of the kingdom of Orléans, which benefited Clotaire and his two remaining brothers, Childebert and Thierry. To prevent the claims of Clodomir's sons to their father's lands, Clotaire along with Childebert organized their murder in 532. Clovis helped Thierry to conquer the Thuringians in 531 and also campaigned with Childebert against the Visigoths in 542/543.

    In 555, Clotaire inherited the lands of Thibaud (Théodebald), Thierry's grandson, who died without issue. The death of Childebert I brought Chlotaire the absolute power in the Merovingian kingdom. In 560 he crashed the revolt of his own son, Chramne, who first conspired with Childebert against Clotaire and then joined forces with the Bretons, but was defeated and put to death on orders of Clotaire.

    The unification of Merovingian lands came to an end with the death of Clotaire in December 561. His four sons again divided the Frankish kingdom.

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