Louis (Ludwig) II, Adalaeide of Paris Queen of FranceEdward the Elder King of England

Charles III, Elgive (Eadgifu, Edgiva, Adiva, Ogive) Princess of England

Lous (Ludwig) IV

f a m i l y
Children with:
Gerberga Wettin of Saxony Queen of France

Matilda Capet Princess of France
Lous (Ludwig) IV "d'Outre-Mer" King of France
  • Born: Abt 921
  • Married to Gerberga Wettin of Saxony Queen of France
  • Died: Abt 954

    pict4056.jpg [120x193] Louis IV, King of France
    Louis IV or Louis d'Outremer [Fr.,=Louis from overseas], 92154, French king (93654), son of King Charles III (Charles the Simple). He spent his youth as an exile in England, but at the death of King Raoul he was recalled by the nobles under the leadership of Hugh the Great. However, Louis's energy and independence displeased Hugh, who fought against him with the German king, Otto I, until 942. Captured by the Normans (945), Louis was surrendered to Hugh, by whom he was released only on the cession of Laon (946). Now in alliance with Otto, Louis made war on Hugh and received his submission in 950. Louis was succeeded by his son Lothair.

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