Merovaeus (Merovius) (Meerweg) King of the Salic FranksVerica [Merovee] ??Banin Basine de Saxe

Childeric I de Meroving King of the Salic FranksBasina Andovera Von Thuringia

Clovis I

f a m i l y
Children with:
Saint Clothilde de Bourgogne

Audefleda Meroving

Clotaire I, Meroving King of France
Childebert "The Catholique" Meroving
Clovis I "The Great" King of the Franks
  • Born: Abt 465, Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
  • Married 492 or 93, Rheims, Marne, Loirt-Atlantique, France, to Saint Clothilde de Bourgogne
  • Died: 27 Nov 511, Saint Pierre, France

    pict1803.jpg [82x82] Clovis I, "The Great", King of the Salic Franks
    Clovis I "The Great" (Clodovic)(Chlodwig) Meroving King of the Salic Franks
    Titles: King of the Franks (Roi des Francs)
    Consul, Augustus [after 507]
    Reign: 481 - November 27, 511
    Consecration: Gregory of Tours mentioned some sort of consecration on occasion of accepting the title of consul from Emperor Anastasias (507, Tours)
    End of reign: November 27, 511, died

    Clovis was the son, and probably the only son, of Childeric I, king of the Salian Franks of Tournai, and Basina. He succeeded his father in 481.

    At Soissons, in 486, Clovis defeated Syagrius, the last Roman ruler in Gaul. This opened to him the whole area of the Somme and the Seine. Clovis established his power at least as far south as Paris between the years 487 and 494. The Armoricans of western Gaul and the Germanic peoples of the Rhineland offered serious opposition; and at the Loire he made contact with the Visigoths, protégés of Theodoric, the ruler of Ostrogothic Italy. In 496, he was baptized at Reims by Saint Remy.

    In 507, Clovis turned against the Visigoths of Gaul south of the Loire and defeated them at Vouillé, near Poitiers. Though he penetrated as far south as Bordeaux and sent his son, Thierry (Theodoric), to capture the Visigoth capital of Toulouse, he did not expel the Goths from Septimania or turn southern Gaul into a settlement area for his people. According to Gregory of Tours (1), in 507 Clovis "received an appointment to the consulship from the emperor Anastasius, and in the church of the blessed Martin (in Tours) he clad himself in the purple tunic and chlamys, and placed a diadem on his head... and from that day he was called consul or Augustus." After he defeated other Frankish chiefs, Ragnachar, Sigibert, Chloderic, Chararic and others, Clovis virtually became the sole ruler of the Franks by 509. He summoned a church council at Orléans and also promulgated Lex Salica.

    Clovis died at the age of 45 and was buried in the Church of the Apostles, but his grave has never been found.

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