Thierry III (Theodoric) King of the FranksClotilde Queen of the Franks

Childebert II Meroving of France

Dagobert III King of France

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Thierry IV Count of Autun
Bertrada Princess of France
Dagobert III King of France
  • Born: Abt 687, France
  • Died: 19 Jun 715 or 16

    King of the Franks 711-716
    In 711, Dagobert III succeeded to act as the next Merovingian puppet king, dominated by the Austrasian Mayor Charles Martel.
    Dagobert III
    Encyclopędia Britannica Article

    born 699
    died 715/716

    Merovingian Frankish king who succeeded his father, Childebert III, in 711. For most of his reign the boy was dominated by Pippin II of Herstal, the Austrasian mayor of the palace.

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