The Crown Jewels of Denmark



Other Monarchs of Europe





King of Alemannia Willehari, von Herzog

King of Aragon Alphonso II "The Chaste"
King of Atles and Provence Boso I

King of Castile and Leon Fernando III "The Saint"
King of Castile, Leon, & Galicia Alfonso VII "Pierre-Raimund"

King of Denmark Gorn "The Old" Hardeknudsson
King of Denmark Harald I "Blaatand" Gornsson
King of Finland Fornjot

King of Germany Henry I, "The Fowler"

King of Italy Pepin I,
King of Lombardy & Italy Bernhard I
King of Mercia Ceolwulf
King of Mercia Creoda (Cerda)
King of Mercia Pybba (Webba)
King of Mercia Wiglaf
King of Sicambria Antharius
King of the Alemanni Lantfrid II von Herzog
King of the Alemanni Leutfrid II von Herzog
King of the Alemanni Uncelen von Herzog
King of the Alemmani Chrodebert von Herzog
King of the Allemanni Gerold I (Childebrand)

King of the Goths in Spain Adulphus
King of the Heruli Miecislaus I
King of the Iceni Prastugasys
King of the Lombards Audoin
King of the Ostrogoths in Italy Theodoric "The Great"
King of the Vandals in Africa Thrasamund
King of the Vandals Gondeguslus (Corisco)
King of the Vandals Gonderic
King of Thuringia daught of Herminafrid
King of Thuringia Herminafrid




Queen of Aragon Petronella
Queen of Aragon Sancha de Castile

Queen of Britain Boadica
Queen of Castile and Leon Urraca Alfonsez
Queen of Denmark Gyrithe Olafsdotter
Queen of Denmark Thyre Haroldsdatter
Queen of Powys Angharat II
Queen of Soissons Haldetrude
Queen of Sweden Cyrid
Queen of the Gaini Alswitha (Ealswhitha) of Mercia