Pepin III  Bertrada II Countess of LaonGerold I (Childebrand) King of the AllemanniImma, Duchess of Swabia von Alemannien

Charlemagne Holy Roman EmperorHeldegarde, de Linzgau Holy Roman Empress

Pepin I, King of Italy

f a m i l y
Children with:
Bertha de Toulouse

Louis I, "The Pious" Holy Roman Emperor
Alpais (Aupais) d'Aquitaine
Bertha of the Franks Princess of France
Charles "The Younger" Holy Roman Emperor

Bernhard I King of Lombardy & Italy
Pepin I, King of Italy
  • Born: Abt 777
  • Married 794 to Bertha de Toulouse
  • Died: 8 Jul 810, Milan, Italy

    King of Italy 781-810

    After his father Charlemagne defeated and conquered the Lombards, Pope Hadrian I in 781 crowned Pepin, 3 years old at the time, King of Italy (subkingdom under Charlemagne). In July of 810, Pepin died. He was planned to succeed to one third of the kingdom when his father died (shared with brothers Louis and Charles).

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