Ramon Berengar III Marquis of BarcelonaAldonza Milhaud Dulcia de Gevaudan

Ramon Berangar IV Prince of AragonPetronella Queen of Aragon

Alphonso II

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Children with:
Sancha de Castile Queen of Aragon

Alphonso II Count of Provence
Alphonso II "The Chaste" King of Aragon
  • Born: May 1152, Barcelona, Spain
  • Married 18 Jan 1174, Zaragoza, Spain, to Sancha de Castile Queen of Aragon
  • Died: 25 Apr 1196, Avignon, France

    pict3068.jpg [153x193] Alphonso II, King of Aragon
    King of Aragon 1163 - 1196
    Alfonso II of Aragon (1152-1196) was king of Aragon and count of Barcelona from 1163 to 1196. He was the son of Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona and Petronila of Aragon.

    He inherited Provence and Roussillon, and conquered Caspe and Teruel in 1171.

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