Uncelen von Herzog King of the Alemanni

Chrodebert von Herzog King of the Alemmani

Leutfrid II von Herzog King of the Alemanni

f a m i l y
Willehari, von Herzog King of Alemannia
Leutfrid II von Herzog King of the Alemanni
  • Born: Abt 620, Alemmania
  • Died: 673 to 695

    King of the Allemanni

    The Alemanni were a confederation of German tribes, an old adversary of Rome, from the 3rd century. While they occupied the left bank of the Rhine during the collapse of the Western Empire, they otherwise were not particularly active in the "fall" of Rome. Then they became targets of Clovis, first Christian King of the Franks, who defeated them in 496 and 505. Henceforth, until annexation by Charlemagne in 806, they were dependents of the Franks.

    Their domain, revived as the Duchy of Swabia, lost its name in Germany, but the name of the Alemanni nevertheless surives as the name for Germany itself in the Romance languages, like Allemagne in French.

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