Raymond Count of BurgundyUrraca Alfonsez Queen of Castile and LeonWladislaus II Agnes of Babenberg

Alfonso VII Richza (Rrikinsa, Richeza, Ryksa, Richilda) of Poland

Sancha de Castile Queen of Aragon

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Children with:
Alphonso II "The Chaste" King of Aragon

Fernando III "The Saint" King of Castile and Leon

Alphonso II Count of Provence
Sancha de Castile Queen of Aragon
  • Born: 21 Sep 1154, Toledo, Spain
  • Married 18 Jan 1174, Zaragoza, Spain, to Alphonso II "The Chaste" King of Aragon
  • Died: 9 Nov 1208, Monasterio de Jaen, Jaen, Spain

    Infanta Sancha of Castile (1155 November 9, 1208, Sijena) was the only child of King Alfonso VII of Castile by his second queen, Richeza of Poland.

    On January 18, 1174 in Saragossa she married King Alfonso II of Aragon. They had at least 6 children, including Peter II of Aragon, Alfonso's successor to the throne of Aragon and Catalonia. After her husband died in 1196, Sancha retired to Sijena and became a nun.

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