Vandalarius of the Ostrogoths

Theudimir of the Ostrogoths


f a m i l y
Amalafrida (the Elder) of the Ostrogoths
Theodoric "The Great" King of the Ostrogoths in Italy
  • Married to Audefleda Meroving
  • Died: Abt 526

    pict1967.jpg [133x193] The mausoleum of Theodoric in Ravenna
    The barbarians also quickly developed a political sense of their own. In the West, barbarian kings such as the Vandal Geiseric in North Africa and Odoacer and the Ostrogoth Theodoric in Italy built significant power bases for themselves. In the late fifth and early sixth centuries, Theodoric supported the arts and culture in Italy and built for himself a palace that is shown in a contemporary mosaic from Ravenna.

    Theodoric was king of the Ostrogoths from 471 to his death in 526. In 488 the (eastern) Roman emperor Zeno suggested that Theodoric and his people move westward and settle in Italy.
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