Ubald(e) Claire (Clara) (Clera) (Clarisse) Thibodeau or ThibadeauAnthony Dam (Dame)Marie DesJardins Dajenais or Dagenais

Anthony (Antoine) Felix TaverniaMary (Maria) Dame

Celina Tavernia

f a m i l y
Priscilla Alice Tavernia
Mary Clara Tavernia
John (Jean Baptiste) Tavernia
William Joseph Fredrick Tavernia
Esther Gertrude Tavernia
Anna Elizabeth Tavernia
Celina Tavernia
  • Born: 8 Nov 1878, Chateaugay, Franklin, NY
  • Married 8 Sep 1897 to Charles E. Stone
  • Died: 22 Jul 1904

    Buried: St. Patrick Cemetery, Chateaugay, Franklin, NY
    [1900 US Federal Census, Hartford, CT, District 184]
    Noted in the 1900 Federal Census - a Celina A. Stone (born in NY - parents born in Canada), age 22 (birth year 1878), living with husband Charles Stone, age 33, and daughter Mary, 5 months.
    From: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~frgen/franklin/chateaugay/st_patricksburials/st_patricksburials3.htm
    St. Patrick's Cemetery Burial Records
    Single Graves
    Chateaugay, Franklin County, New York

    Mrs. Celina Stone Age: 27 yrs Died: 22 Jul 1904 Buried: 25 Jul 1904 Notes: r'cd last Sacraments
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