Ubald(e) Claire (Clara) (Clera) (Clarisse) Thibodeau or ThibadeauAnthony Dam (Dame)Marie DesJardins Dajenais or Dagenais

Anthony (Antoine) Felix TaverniaMary (Maria) Dame

William Joseph Fredrick Tavernia

f a m i l y
Children with:
Agnes Perry

Priscilla Alice Tavernia
Mary Clara Tavernia
John (Jean Baptiste) Tavernia
Celina Tavernia
Esther Gertrude Tavernia
Anna Elizabeth Tavernia

Zeno Anthony "Jack" Tavernia
William Joseph Fredrick Tavernia
  • Born: 19 Mar 1876, Chateaugay, Franklin, NY
  • Married 26 Oct 1898, Belmont Center, NY, to Agnes Perry
  • Married 8 Jan 1907, Notre Dame Church, Malone, NY, to Lillian Arquitt (Irquet, Arcouette)
  • Died: 15 Sep 1964
  • Occupation: Farming
  • Reference: Daniel Boadway

    pict616.jpg [127x193] William and Agnes [Perry] Tavernia (Photo courtesy of Daniel Boadway)
    WW I Registration Card, signed 12 Sep 1918, shows William Joseph Tavernia living in Malone, Franklin Cty. NY. He is noted as married, occupation Farming.
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