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Updated: 12/3/09


Welcome to our family history web site.  The family trees located in these pages trace the ancestors of Wayne DeLoria and Julie [Hurst] DeLoria.  While these family trees together have grown to over 5,700 names, there are still many inaccuracies and undocumented entries. Although much more document-ation has been collected, a great deal of the information found here was derived from sources found on the Internet.  Clearly, there is still a great deal of reference checking to do.


This tree is primarily offered for those researchers and relatives with an interest in these family lines. All comments, suggestions, additions, or corrections are welcome.


 Any and all viewers of this page are free to use whatever you find in these pages for your own research (as long as it is not copyrighted by another entity).  However, you do so at your own risk, as a great deal of reference documentation is still required.  If you have input that I can use to make this site more accurate or extensive, please write to:


There are a number of interesting and important figures from history found in both Wayne and Julie’s ancestry.  Some of these include:


(from Julie’s Family)


Caius Julius Caesar III “The Praetor”

Rollo Rognwaldsson “The Dane”, 1st Duke of Normandy

Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor

Henry I Beauclerc, King of England


[Many of the nobles and gentry from the ruling families of Medieval Europe can be found in Julie’s ancestry.  Visit our noble ancestors page and click on the names there to go directly to the entries listed. ]


Julie’s Family (specifically, the Daniels line) are also distant cousins with a few United States Presidents, and First Ladies.  Click here to find out more.



(from Wayne’s Family)


While not the nobility found in Julie’s family tree, these notable figures played an important role in the colonization of the New World, particularly in New France (now Quebec, Canada)


Caius Julius Caesar III “The Praetor”

Guilaume du Tremblay (and the lineage of the Barony of Courturbis)

Pierre Gagne and Louis Gagne  (These brothers are the immigrant

ancestors responsible for founding thousands of

Gagne (Gasnier) families in North America)

Louis Guertin dit La Sabotier


Many ancestors are Soldiers of the Carignan-Salieres Regiment of the French Army, sent by the King of France to defend the new colony of New-France from the Iroquois.


A number of women who came to New-France arrived as Fille du Roi, or “daughters of the King”. These women agreed to travel to the new settlements in New-France and marry a settler there in exchange for a 50 pound dowry from the French King.


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