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Louis Gasnier or Gagne

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Children with:
Marie Michel

Pierre Gagne or Gasnier

Ignace Gasnier
Louis Gasnier or Gagne
  • Born: 13 Sep 1612, St-Martin, d’Igé, au Perche, département actuel de l'Orne, France
  • Married 1638, Vieux,-Belleme Mortagne Orne France, to Marie Michel
  • Died: 2 Feb 1662, Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Montmorency, Quebec

    pict276.jpg [144x193] The Gagne Coat of Arms
    BIRTH: 13 SEP 1612, St-Martin-d'Igé, Perche, France
    DEATH: JUL 1661, Château-Richer, QC
    BAPTISM: 13 SEP 1612, St-Martin d'Igé, Mortagne, Perche, France
    EMIGRATION: 1644, Québec, QC
    Translated from the L'Association des Familles Caron d'Amérique web page, "Louis Gagne":

    If the name Gagné counts today in the thousands everywhere in Quebec, it is thanks to the brothers Louis and Pierre Gasnier (Gagne).

    Like so many of the others, the ancestors Pierre and Louis Gagné are of origin percheronne, born from the marriage of Louis Gagnier and Marie Launay, in St-Martin, of Igé, au Perche, currently l'Orne. The elder one, Pierre Gagné is baptized on January 2, 1610, and Louis, September 13, 1612. Pierre Gagné learns the bakers trade, while his/her brother is a laborer.

    At 26 years of age, about 1638, Louis married wife Marie Michel, born in 1620, daughter of Pierre Michel and Louise Gory, St-Martin du Vieux-Béllême, dans Mortagne, au Perche. The couple arrives in New-France in 1643 or 1644.

    The first child Louise Gagne, came into the world in Igé, baptized on January 21, 1642. May 25, 1654, Louise marries into the paternal house of Baupre, specifically Claude Bouchard, tailor of clothes. They have 12 chidren together.

    The sixth of the family, Louis Gagne, born on July 7, 1651, and baptized on the 18th, in Quebec, married. on February 9, 1678, Marie Gagnon, born on August 1, on 1659, baptized September 8, daughter of Jean Gagnon and Marguerite Cauchon. Their daughter in the following generation, Marie Gagen, born on November 22, 1678, becomes the wife in 1702, of Jean Poulin, born on August 24, 1671, son of the ancestor Jean Poulin and Louise Paré.

    The third, Anne Gagné, baptized on October 27, 1653, in Quebec, marries on September 11, 1670, in Beaupré, François Lacroix, born about 1642, originating in Rouen, in Normandy.

    Ignace Gagne, born on March 12, 1656, is baptized three days later, in Quebec. Ignace marries on November 5, 1680, in Quebec, Barbe Dodier, born around 1664, daughter of Jacques Dodier and Catherine Charon. Their daughter Louise Gagne, born on September 20, 1683, marries in 1703, Gabriel-Robert Dufour.

    After the death of Barb Dodier, in February 1689, Ignace Gagne maried on November 6, 1689, Louise Tremblay, daughter of Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon.

    Louis Gagné dies about February 2, 1660 and his inventory is made on July 14, 1661. His widow, Marie Michel, marries a second time, September 1666, Paul DeRainville, usher and widower of Roline Poet. Marie Michel, dies on November 12, 1687 and, it is buried close to her first husband, Louis Gagné, in the old cemetery of the ancestors, in Sainte-Anne de Baupre.
    See: http://www.gagnier.org/ and http://pages.infinit.net/jybell/liens.html for more information on the Gagne family in the New World

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