"Filles du Roi"




“Fille du Roi” – National Archives of Canada


Many of the women who came to New-France arrived as the “Fils du Roi”, or “daughters of the King”. These women agreed to travel to the new settlements in New-France and marry a settler there in exchange for a 50 pound dowry from the French King.   Of the nearly 1000 women who undertook the journey, about 800 made it to Canada.


They made contracts of marriage with the men who had originally settled the New World and usually married within a few days or weeks of the contract signing. Often the women broke the contracts, only to remake them or make new contracts with other men.


Ancestors of the DeLoria/Myette families, who arrived in the New World as “Filled u Roi” include:


Jeanne Barbier

Catherine Clerice

Marie Couet

Anne Delestre

Jeanne Denaut

Charlotte de la Marche

Catherine Ducharme

Suzanne Durand

Louise Gargottine

Mathurine Goard

Catherine Guyard

Marie Hebert

Anne Leber

Marie LeLong

Louise LeLoutre

Marguerite LeMerle

Marguerite Maureau

Anne Michel

Claude Prat

Marguerite Raisin

Georgette Richard

Marguerite Richer


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