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Thomas Daniell of Over TableyBlanche Warburton

Peter (Piers) Daniels (Daniell) of Over Tabley

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Children with:
Julia Newton

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
Peter Daniels
Robert Daniels
Anne Daniels
Elizabeth Daniels
Pernall Daniels
Peter (Piers) Daniels (Daniell) of Over Tabley
  • Born: Abt 1484, Tabley, Cheshire, England
  • Married to Julia Newton
  • Died: 28 Sep 1522

    20 Hen. VII (1504/05) Probatio etatis Petri Danyell filij et hered Thome Danyell de Ov'tabley :-
    Thomas Leicestr' de Tabley, Thomas Legh de Hiegh Legh, Johes Meere de Meere, and Johes Leicestr' de Tofte, Armig', each aged 50 years, say the said Peter was aged 21 die lune in festo see Marie Magdelene ultim'. And Thomas Leicester says that on his birth he was in the company of the said Thomas Danyell, the father, and immediate insimul equitabant ad domu pdict' Thome Danyell, by which he recollects that the said Peter was aged 21 years on the Festival aforesaid. Thomas Huls de Knottesford, Thomas Starky de Stretton, Petrus Venables de Antrobus, T'homas Legh de Northwodde, and Hamo Werbton de Partynton, each aged 40 years, say the same. Hulse says he was married at the Feast of the Transla. of St. Tho. the Martyr next before the said Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, &c., and so recollects, &c. Hugo Cokker, Georgius Venables, Edwardus Harpur, Thomas Wenyngton de Birches, and Johes Wrenche, each aged 30 years and upwards, say the same. Cokker says qd ipe fuit tenens conge lucam ardentem ad baptismu dei Petri, et portantem pelvem et lavatru at the baptism, by which he remembers, &c. (Cocker was a gentleman of considerable estate, but not of a manorial family.)

    14 Hen. VIII. (1522/23) Inquisition Post Mortem Petri Danyell de Tabley armiger :- Held tenements in Cherytrehurst, qd quid Ranulphus Grymesdiche fuit seisilus de manio de Cheretrehurst, in fee, to the uses of the last will of Johs Danyell, of Cheretrehurst, by charter dated at Lymme 4 Edw. IV., and by his charter delivered cuidam Johanne filie Thome Redishe tuc ux. George D. all his lands, &c., in Lymme, to the use of Johanne for life, &c. And said R. Grimesdiche, after the death of John and George D., by his charter, &c., 2 July, 14 Edw. IV., delivered to the same Joan, late wife of George, all the premises, and a parcel of land called Doo parke, and a 2s. rent issuing out of lands of Tho. D. of Tabley. Habend. to Joan (for life), who was then living. By charters, 7 May, 13 Hen. VIII., said Thome D. fil Thom. Danyell armigeri, was enfeofied of other lands in Lymme, and by a charter of same date, other lands in Thelwall were granted to Rico D. filio Thome Danyell, for life, and who was then living. Also reciting the grant to Thome Wilberham filio et hered apparenti Willmi Wilberhm, armigeri, and others, of lands in Over Tabley, To the use of Margarete filie predict' Willmi W. ; a part to the use of Johanne (More vidue, for life . . . . . in que . . . . in viru aliquem filior) et hered apparent' pdict' . . . . me fit et hered apparent' pdict' Petr' Danyell. Remainder to said Margaret' et ejus libet alterius filia . . . . The lands in Thelwall held of the Abley of Shrewis bury, in socage. Peter Danyell died, seized in his demesne, &c., of the Manor of Over Tabley and lands therein, and in the other townships, on 28 Sep., and . . . . (his son and heir) . . . . aet. 19, on 3 June last. (Defective membrane)

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