Thomas Daniell of Over TableyMaud Leycester

Thomas Daniell of Over TableyKatherine de Middleton

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley

f a m i l y
Children with:
Blanche Warburton

Peter (Piers) Daniels (Daniell) of Over Tabley
Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
  • Born: Abt 1438, Tabley, Cheshire, England
  • Married 1472 to Blanche Warburton
  • Died: 30 Mar 1495

    Buried in Rostherne Ladies Chape.

    All six children living 1499 (15 Hen. VII)

    This Thomas took possession of Cherry-tree Hurst in Limme, as next heir, in 1493 ; for then died Thomas Daniell of Limme without issue, the last heir of that family of Limme: but the matter was not fully settled till the award of William Hill, prebend of Lichfield, 23 Hen. VIII. when William Daniell of Longdon in Staffordshire (who claimed as next heir to Daniell of Limme, as son of William, brother of John Daniell, late of Cherry-tree Hurst in Limme), by virtue of that award passed all his right in those lands to Thomas Daniell of Over-Tabley, grandson of this Thomas Daniell afore-said.

    10 Hen. VII (1494/95) Inquisition Post Mortem Thomas Danyell de Ov' Tabley :- Held in fee a capital messuage in Cheretrehurst; also a messuage in tenure of Radi Devias, and a mill and lands in Lymme. Val. 79s. 10d. Held of the Earl in chief by mil. ser. Before his death, Roger Danyell was seized of the same premises in fee, and enfeoffed James Stanley and Ranulph Culcheth. James Stanley took the whole by survivorship (having been joint tenant), and dis-seized Thomas Danyell. But afterwards Thomas re-entered, and held the same during his life. He died 30 March last, et Petrus Danyell est filius et heres, aet. 12, in festo Marie Magdelene ultim'.

    15 Hen. VII (1499/1500) Inquisition Post Mortem Thomas Danyell de Ov' Tabley, armig'. :-
    Died seized of three parts of the Manor of Ov'tabley, 30 messuages, a water mill and 330 acres of land therein, and in Lymme and Thelwall ; also other lands in Russheton and Ayton (Eaton by Tarporley). He died 30 March 10 Hen. VII. Petrus fil et heres aet. 14. Et utrum pdic' Petrus maritat, &c., the Jury are ignorant.

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