Peter Newton

Julia Newton

f a m i l y
Children with:
Peter (Piers) Daniels (Daniell) of Over Tabley

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
Peter Daniels
Robert Daniels
Anne Daniels
Elizabeth Daniels
Pernall Daniels
Julia Newton
  • Born: Abt 1468, Tabley, Cheshire, England
  • Married to Peter (Piers) Daniels (Daniell) of Over Tabley
  • Died: 14 Sep 1542, Tabley, Cheshire, England

    14 Hen. VIII. Assignment of dower 26 Jan 1523 :-
    Juliana que fuit uxor' Petri Danyel armigeri, in Over Tabley, Sudlow, Bexton, Asshcley, windmill, &c., in Lymm, and a water-mill, &c., in Over Tabley

    34 Hen. VIII. (1542/43) Inquisition Post Mortem Juliane Danyell vidue :-
    Died seized in her demesne as of freehold of lands in dower for life, in Over Tabley and Sudlowe, and Cheretrehurst (all held of the King as Earl, in capite, val. 100s., and Cherytree, 42s.), Lymme (held of Petro Werbton milite in socage, 3s. 6d.), and Bexton (held of the King ut de baronia sua de Halton p mil. serv' p octogesimam ptem uni" feodmil, 40s.). She died 14 Sep. last, and premises reverted to Thome Danyell armig'o, as son and heir of Peter ; and in same year his Writ of livery was sued out. He was then 40.

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