Thomas Daniell of Over TableyBlanche WarburtonPeter Newton

Peter (Piers) Daniels (Daniell) of Over TableyJulia Newton

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley

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Children with:
Margaret Wilbraham of Woodley

Peter Daniels
Robert Daniels
Anne Daniels
Elizabeth Daniels
Pernall Daniels

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
William Daniel
Peter Daniel
Richard Daniel
Margaret Danyell
Ellen Daniel
Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
  • Born: 3 Jun 1503, Tabley, Cheshire, England
  • Married 1521 to Margaret Wilbraham of Woodley
  • Died: 2 Jun 1551

    16 Hen. VIII. (1524/25) Probatio etatis Thome Danyell filij et hered Petri Danyell armig'i. :-
    Johes Hokenhull armig', Willms Parre de Bakfford, Thomas Bothe de Cholmudeley, Johes Brescy de Tev'ton, Jacobus Cotgreve, say he was 21 on 3 June last. Hokenhull, that he had notice by Thomam Mascy de Podyngton armigerum, that same Thomas D. fuit nat in domo cuj, was baptised in the church of Shotwyke. Johes Aldersey de Spurstow, Robtus Mascy de Cobron (or Etliron ?), Johes Ffylkyn de Tattenhall, Robtus Bostoke de Churton, Thomas Bromley dc Norbury, say same. Aldersey says he had notice by Tho. Carter, chaplain, of the baptism. Johes Hankey de Churton, Radus Rosumgreve, Robtus Barton de Churton, Robtus Cotgreve de Cristelton, Ricus Batriche de Barrowe, say same. Hankey recollects notice of the chaplain that Emera Neuton fuit comater same Thomas Danyell.

    5 Edw. VI. (1551/52) Inquisition Post Mortem Thomas Danyell de Tabley armig'. :- Reciting the seizure of Petri D. armig'i p'ris p'dti Thome D. cuj' heres idem Thomas, and settlement of lands in Ov' Tabley and Sudlowe, Hale, Lymme, Russheton, and Eyton (as in his father's Inquisition). Thomas was seized in fee of Manor of Ov' Tabley, and lands therein, and in Sudlowe, Lymme, Cheretrehurst, Nether and Over Knottesford, Bexton, Assheley, Thelwall, Stathome, and Pykmeyre, and by deed, 27 May, 5 Edw. VI., settled lands in Over Tabley, Ashley, and Lymm, to the use of Alicie tune ux. Petri Danyell filij et hered apparent' Thome D., for life, in the name of jointure. Rem. to Peter in tail. Also found that Robtus Legh armig' filij et heres Thome Legh (East Hall), jam defunct feoffat Petri Danyell of Ov'tabley armig'i pater pdic' Thome D., of lands in Cheretrehurst; and on 20 March, 21 Hen. VIII., p cartam to Robto Danyell, jun', filio p'dci Petri D., &c., defunct, Cheretrehurst, was granted to Thomas D. . . . . . R. . ard D. for life of Robert. By charter, 4 Edw. VI., confirmed to Thome D. jun' filio suo (who was living at Ov'tabley), a rent of 4 mares issuing out of tenements in Lymme, for life. Also granted other rents to Willmo D. filio suo Jun' (living at Ov'tabley), and Rico D. filio suo Juniori, each 4 mares out of Lymme lands. Died 2d June last, conjointly seized of lands in Assheley, held of the King as of his Manor of Estgrenewiche in com. Kent, by fealty and free socage. Margaret his wife survived him, and lived at Ov'tabley. Petro filius et heres, aet. 21, 6 Dec. last, or 21 and 7 mos., 13 July, 5 Edw. VI.

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