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Thomas Daniell of Over TableyAlice Dutton

Peter Daniell

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Children with:
Anna Manwaring

Thomas Daniels
Richard Daniels
William Daniels
John Daniel
Margaret Daniels

Sir Peter, of Over Tabley Daniell
Anne Daniel
Jane Daniel
Margaret Daniel
Richard Daniel
Frances Daniel
Mary Daniel
Peter Daniell
  • Born: 1554 to 1561, Over Tabley, Cheshire, England
  • Married to Anna Manwaring
  • Died: 3 Aug 1590

    pict772.jpg [127x193] Daniell Coat of Arms
    X. Peter Daniell of Over Tabley, esquire, son and heir of Thomas and Alice, married Anne, daughter of Henry Manwaring of Carincham in Cheshire, esquire, 1574 and had issue Peter, son and heir, six years old when his father died; Richard Daniell, second son, died without issue; Frances, married Edward Littleton, younger son of Littleton of Pillaton in Staffordshire, near Pancridge; Anne, second daughter, died without issue; Mary, third daughter, married John Woodnot of Shenton in Cheshire; after to John King of Salmondley in Lincolnshire; Jane, fourth daughter died without issue. This Peter died 3 die Augusti, 1590, ...aged 29 years. Anne his widow afterwards married Thomas Ashold parson of Swetenham in Cheshire; and she died 29 Julii, 1633, and had the wardship of her son...
    XI. Peter Daniell of Over Tabley, esq., son and heir of Peter and Anne, married Christian, daughter of Richard Grosvenour of Eaton-boat, in cheshsire, esquire, and had issue Peter, eldest son; Henry; second son, married Anne duaghter of sir John Dorell of Wesstwoody, in Berkshire, but had no issue; John Daniell, third son, was an apprentice in London, and married, but died also without issue; William, fourth son, married Dorothy Forth of Wigan in Lancashire; Thomas, fifth son, slain at the battle of Brainford, near London, 1642. Margaret, eldest daughter, married Richard Green of Congleton in Cheshire, gentleman; Christian, second daughter, married George Davenport of Calveley, esq.; Mary, third daughter, married one Colonel Finch, 1651, an officer for the parliament-party against the king, and are both now living in Ireland (1666). Elizabeth, fourth daughter, died unmarried; Anne, the youngest daughter, married Robert Sanford of Sanford, in Shropshire, esquire, 1648. This Peter Daniell was on of the knights of this county for the parliament 1625, and died 18th day of April 1652, aged 68 years, and was buried at Great Budworth. Christian his wife survived, and died 1663. (Page 842 Vol. II of III: Christian, born Nov. 4, 1587, wife of Peter Daniel of Tabley, esq., married at Eccleston, Sept. 5, 1601). So, you can see that it is unlikely that the below William, listed in generation No. 6, is the William, son of Peter and Christian Grosvenor, as listed in the LDS Ancestry file. Mr. Thomas R. Daniel, of England, wrote that the William who married Dorothy Forth of Wigan, and was the son of Peter, is most likely the William Daniell listed in 1664 the 'College of Arms' granted arms to 'William Daniel of Wigan' on the basis of his descent from the Daniel family of Tabley. There were several men named William Daniel with wills listed in the Cheshire Record Office: Wm Daniel of Knutsford (2 miles max from Tabley) - 1684; Wm Daniel of Great Budworth (4 miles max. from Tabley) - 1685; Wm Daniel of Knutsford - 1686; Wm Daniel of Wigan (approx. 20 miles from Tabley in Lancashire) - 1695. The IGI files from the LDS Family History Center also show these births: Wm Daniell to Peter Daniell and Christian Grosvenor about 1616 Tabley; Wm Daniell to William Daniell and Dorothy Forth about 1645 Tabley (3 separate film sources); and Dorothy Daniell to William Daniell and Dorothy Forth about 1647.
    32 Eliz. Inq. p. m., Petrus Danyell de Tabley Armiger.
    Seized in his demesne as of fee tail of the Hall of Ov'tabley, &c., as ante, and premises in Warrington, co. Lanc. By Indenture 24 Eliz., granted to Alicam Danyell viduam matrem p'dci Petri, the " haull of the Woode and lands in Ov'tablev and Bexton in dower, and which were of Thorns Danyell defunct pris pd Petri filij et hered pd Thorn D. Also, 34 Eliz., granted lands in Ashley to Thome D. junior filij pd Thome D. for life in compliance with the last Will of his father, Alice (the mother), Rem. to Rici D. junior' filij Thome pris, Rem. to Willmi D. junior filij Thome, &c. Rem. Thome D. filius Ricus D., &c. Fine levied, die Lune, 8 April, 25 Eliz., of all Cheshire lands. 27 Eliz. Willmi D. (the brother) de Graies Inne Armigr, Rogerum Wilbram de Grayes Inn gener' (a student, or attorney?), and Petru Leighe de Lyme ar' were Trustees in a fresh entail of all the lands, To the use of the heirs of Thomas, father of Peter, Rem. to heirs of Thome D. avi pd Petri. Bexton held of the Barony of Halton ; Hale lands of George Bouthe, esq., in socage ; Packmere lands of Ralph Egerton, knight ; Rushton lands of William Hinton in socage. He died 3 Aug. last. Petrus D. est filius et heres, aet. 6 years 1st Sep. last.

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