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Peter DaniellAnna Manwaring

Sir Peter, of Over Tabley Daniell

f a m i l y
Children with:
Christin(a) Grosvner

Anne Daniel
Jane Daniel
Margaret Daniel
Richard Daniel
Frances Daniel
Mary Daniel

Robert Daniell
William Daniel
Peter Daniell
Henry Daniell
Richard Daniell
Thomas Daniell
John Daniell
Sir Peter, of Over Tabley Daniell
  • Born: 1 Sep 1584, Kibley, Cheshire, England
  • Married 5 Sep 1601, Eccleston, England, to Christin(a) Grosvner
  • Died: 18 Apr 1652, buried at Great Budworth, England

    pict770.jpg [127x193] Daniell Coat of Arms

    Although it is claimed by some genealogies of the Daniels family, there is no proof that Robert Daniels is the son of Peter of Tabley. Some who have researched in England feel they have proved that Peter Daniels did not have a son Robert. See Daniels of Massachusetts Bay Colony 1636 - 2000
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