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Children with:
Mary Fairbanks

Elizabeth Daniell
Sarah Daniell
Mary Daniell
Samuel Daniels
Thomas Daniels
Margaret Daniels

Joseph Daniell
Samuel Daniell
Elizabeth Daniell
Eleazer Daniell
Jeremiah Daniell
Marie Daniell
Mehitable Daniell
Mary Daniell
Ebenezer Daniell
Joseph Daniell
  • Born: Abt 1635, Watertown, Middlesex, MA
  • Married 16 Nov 1665, Medfield, Norfolk, MA, to Mary Fairbanks
  • Married Abt 1666, Medfield, Norfolk, MA, to Rachel Sheffield
  • Married Abt 1653, MA, to Lydia Allen
  • Died: 23 Jun 1715, Medway (Medfield), Norfolk, MA

    Burial: Place: Sherborn,Middlesex,Massachusetts
    For a continuation of the excellent history, started with father Robert, go to:

    Settled Medway near Bogistow Brook, s.e. of Richardson's mills23 Early 1662; At Medfield, MA. Grants all on w side of the river. (History of Medfield, MA - Tilden)

    1662; Lands laid out on the west side within the "Old Grant" at Medway, and Joseph Daniell, an accepted townsman of Medfield, in October of that year, drew lands in this new survey, and became soon after the second actual settler of Medway with George Fairbanks. His house, built prior to 1665, stood west of "Island Woods", and the farm he owned is still owned and tilled by his descendants (1884). He married Mary Fairbanks., eldest daughter of George, and this was the first marriage ceremony within the territory of Medway. Soon after Jonathan Adams became a settler on the west side in October 1665 with wife Elizabeth Fussell. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

    February 21, 1676; Indian War broke out with about half the houses at Medfield burned and seventeen persons killed. The residents present at this time on the w side of the river at Medway were included Joseph Daniell. Joseph Daniell had his house burned. The Fairbanks were living in the stone fort at Boggastow Pond at the time. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

    1678; George Fairbanks Jr. gave one shilling and one bushel of corn and Joseph Daniell gave two shillings sixpence and two bushels of corn as a contribution towards the "new college in Cambridge." (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

    1686 - Granted Joseph Daniel the stream of Boggestowe Brook if he would maintain a grist mill. (Handbook of Medway History 1713 - 1913).

    February 7, 1687; Medfield, MA granted Joseph Daniell "the stream of Boggastow brook, so far as it shall be needful to the advantage of his mill, and not damage the proprietors on said brook, provided he maintains a good mill on said stream, for the supply of the town." And the following year he got leave to "land a dam on the common land on the brook", and "to flow the common land so far as shall be convenient for a mill at all times forever." Joseph Daniell had become the proprietor of the old mill site, "the place where Peter Woodward's stood." Further up the brook, Joseph Daniell Jr. built a sawmill and the property was held in the Daniell name until just before 1884. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

    1688; Selectman of Medfield. (Handbook of Medway History 1713 - 1913).

    1693; Tax list from w side of Charles river at Medway. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

    1695; Selectman of Medway. (Handbook of Medway History 1713 - 1913)

    March 19, 1700; Medway, MA, Sergeant Joseph Daniel paid for keeping school the year of 1699. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

    1702; The laying out of Black Swamp at Medway was ordered, 27 of the 123 proprietors were residents of the west side of the Charles including Joseph Daniell. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

    1705; Medfield votes to build a new Meeting House. "The inhabitants on the West Side of the river shall have half their pay toward building refunded if they build a Meeting House on that side within twenty years." George Fayerbanke and Joseph Daniel are appointed and act on
    this committee in charge of building the new Meeting House. (Handbook of Medway History 1713 - 1913)

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