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Samuel Daniels

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Children with:
Experience Adams

Joseph Daniell (Daniels)
David Daniels
Hannah Daniels
Ezra Daniels
Tamar Daniels
Sarah Daniels
Abigail Daniels

Abijah Daniels
Simeon Daniels
John Daniels
Nathan Daniels
Timothy Daniels
Samuel Daniels
Samuel Daniels
  • Born: 25 Dec 1693, Medway,Norfolk,Massachusetts
  • Married 6 Dec 1718, Medway, Norfolk, MA, to Experience Adams
  • Married 20 Feb 1733 to Sarah Phipps
  • Died: 7 May 1788, Bellingham,Norfolk,Massachusetts

    Excerpt from "EARLY MEDWAY SETTLERS & LAND RECORDS 1996 By Francis D. Donovan":


    Samuel-4 (Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Robert-1) Daniels, born 1693 at the "upper mill place" on Boggastowe Brook, married this year Experience Adams, daughter of Deacon Peter Adams.

    He was deeded Lot 27, West Section, 85 acres, in 1739, by Samuel Hill, originally granted to Nicholas Rockwood. Hill was great grandson of Rockwood, and the land was set off to his mother.

    Daniels built and operated two sawmills on Chicken Brook - a large one northerly of the intersection of Winthrop and Maple Street on Kirby's Pond, and a smaller slabbing mill at the bend of the brook westerly of the present 19 Winthrop Street residence.

    Most of the lumber used in building the New Grant Meeting House of 1749 was sawed in these two mills.

    Samuel Daniels served in the French and Indian Wars, as did four of his sons.

    His wife Experience died in 1731, and Samuel married second Sarah Phipps of Wrentham.

    Samuel died in 1781, and his son Nathan settled in the "Latic" (Populatic) section, and founded one of the Franklin branches of the family.


    Samuel 1720-1809 m. 1742 Elizabeth Adams (Holliston)
    Timothy 1722- m. 1754 Ruth Leland (Holliston)
    Nathan 1727-1789 m. 1746 Mary Adams (Wrentham)
    John 1728- m. 1753 Elizabeth Keith (Keene, NH)
    Simon 1731- m. 1754 Lydia Adams (Wrentham)
    Reuben 1733-1734 m. 1758 Timothy Force
    Sarah 1735- m. 1764 Jonathan Wiswell
    Mary 1736-
    Japhet 1738-1805 m. 1763 Meletiah Haward (Holliston)
    Abijah 1740- m. 1774 Hannah Dix (Medford)

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