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John Partridge

f a m i l y
Children with:
Magdalen Bullard

Rachel Partridge
John Partridge
  • Born: 1620, Naestock, Essex, England
  • Married 15 or 18 Dec 1655, Medfield, Norfolk, MA, to Magdalen Bullard
  • Died: 28 May 1706, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

    WILL Proved 25 Jun 1706. Mention is made of his sons John, Eleazer,Samuel, and Zachariah; daughters mentioned were Rachel, wife of Theophilus Clark; and three of his grandchildren: Eleazer Adams, Abadiah Adams, and Hannah Rockwood.
    - Suffolk County Prob. Rec. Vol. xvi pp 158-159

    John PARTRIDGE came to Medfield, MA from Dedham in 1653, and was accompanied by his brother William and sister Margery. He was in Dedham at least a year earlier than that, for on "ye 1 Mo. 1652" he shared with others in the division of 500 acres of land. (Dedham Town Rec.'s, vol.iii., p. 211). John took up a house lot on Bachelor's Roe, later North Street. His place was near his brother William, and Thomas Mason, later husband of Margery Partridge. John signed the proprietors agreement of Medfield (History of Medfield, Tilden, p. 429). John was chosen clerk ofthe market in 1672. In 1676, at the burning of Medfield by the Indians, John's house and barn were destroyed, together with a quantity of grain and several head of cattle (History of Medfield, Tilden, p. 95).

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