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  • Born: 10 May 1844, Okehampton, Devon, England
  • Married to Lydia Wilson
  • Died: 6 Jul 1919, Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska
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    Edward DEARING was born on 10 May 1844 in Okehampton, Devon, England. (22) He died on 6 Jul 1919 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska. He was buried in Phillips, Hall, Nebraska. Golden Anniversary of Edward Dearing & Lydia Wilson

    At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dearing at 315 East Second street on February 22, 1918, occurred a most enjoyable event, the celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The following was a reported by an unknown source and posted on the Mann family website:

    Edward Dearing was born in Oakhampton, Devonshire, England in 1844. In 1855 he, with his family, came to Canada. He came to Illinois in 1865.

    Lydia Wilson was born in Pecek, Lincolnshire, England, in 1849. She came to America with her family in 1853. She was united in marriage to Edward Dearing
    February 22, 1868, in Greenfield, Illinois.

    In 1872 Mr. Dearing homesteaded in Hamilton county, Nebraska, and the year following he brought his family to reside there. From that home, made precious to them by their united efforts to withstand the trials of pioneer life and because they made the home, this highly estimable couple radiated good cheer and gave assistance in times of both joy and sorrow to all about them until now, from ocean to ocean, there are those reside, of whom the writer is one, who are glad to say they have been benefited and are happier for having known them.

    Several years ago they retired from active life and came to the present home in Grand Island , where they are well and favorably known in church, social and business circles. Truly it must be a great satisfaction to one to have so lived that at his golden anniversary those who know them best gladly say of them, "Their word is golden."

    Seven creditable sons and daughters from as many different homes, whose names follow, were with them to add pleasure to the happy day, some of them having visited here for several weeks . They are: W. T. Dearing, Phillips, Neb.: Mrs. L. B. Underwood, Strevell, Ida.: E. B . Thomas. Green, North Platte, Neb.: Mrs. J. H. Irvin, Los Angeles, CA.: Mrs. Jos. M. Whalen, Glendo, Wyo., and Mrs. W. F. Dugan, Campbell, Neb.

    They were also present the following grandchildren: Muriel Helen and Carma, children of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Dearing; Catherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Green; William, son o f Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Dugan, and Marvel, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Dearing.

    Mr. Whalen, of Glendo Wyo., arrived on Wednesday, and Mrs. Head, the only sister of Mr. Dearing, made the far trip from Central Point, Ore., to be here upon this pleasant occasion.

    Mr. Dearing moved to Grand Island from Hamilton county late in the 90's, or about twenty years ago . In the first few years of this period he was very active in civic and political matters, having for a number of years served faithfully and well on the city council as alderman for the third ward, finally declining again to become a candidate. He was also active in other lines.

    The many friends of these admirable people from far and near unite in wishing them many more anniversaries with all the peace and joy that can be bestowed upon them so that each year may in truth seem happier than the last.

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