Johann Georg Minnir (Minier) (Minear)(Anna) Catharina (Katrina) Mayer (Meyer)

John (Johan) MinearMarie Ursula

John Minear, Jr.

f a m i l y
Maria Catherine Minear
Philip Minear
David Minear
Adam C. Minear
Janathan Minear
Elizabeth Minear
Mary Ann Minear
Sarah Minear
Samuel Minear
John Minear, Jr.
  • Born: Abt 1756, Bucks Cty, PA
  • Died: Abt 1786, Tazwell Cty, VA


    Inherited father's property, 92.5 acres on Tygart Valley River, mouth of Pleasant Creek in Harrison County, 1 January 1787. On 13 April 1802 a claim filed by his brothers and sisters claimed he was unmarried, became insane and fled to the woods and not been heard from for 8 years (i.e. disappeared about 1794). Equal parts to be shared by Samuel, Jonathan's heirs, Mary (now Sailor, Jr.), Adam Minear. (Davis, "Harrison County Deed Records," p. 240). A similar claim was filed 12 March 1798, by David, Philip, Sarah Minear and William Haddox of Randolph County to Adam Minear, patented by John Minear Sr., 25 October 1787, 184.5 acres; also included Catharine Minear Haddox, Elizabeth Minear Washburn (Davis, p. 150).
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