Johann Georg Minnir (Minier) (Minear)(Anna) Catharina (Katrina) Mayer (Meyer)

John (Johan) MinearMarie Ursula

Philip Minear

f a m i l y
Children with:
Winnifred "Winnie" Farmer

Maria Catherine Minear
David Minear
Adam C. Minear
Janathan Minear
John Minear, Jr.
Elizabeth Minear
Mary Ann Minear
Sarah Minear
Samuel Minear

Catherine "Caty" Minear
Rachel Minear
Elizabeth "Betsy" Minear
Adam Minear
Philip Minear
Mary Minear
Solomon Minear
Stephen Minear
Sarah Minear
Susannah Minear
Hannah Minear
Philip Minear
  • Born: 31 Mar 1761, Bucks Co., PA, USA
  • Married 11 Apr 1785, Harrison Co., OH, to Winnifred "Winnie" Farmer
  • Married 24 Mar 1803 to Elizabeth Ritchart
  • Died: 17 Oct 1846, Ross, Co., OH, USA

    Fansler gives date of death as 17 October 1848, p. 55. However, dates were read from tombstone by descendant Aurale Huff, P.O. Box 69, Harwood, TX 78632. Those dates say he died 17 Cotober 1846, aged 83 yrs., 6 mo., 17 da., Springbrook Cemetery near the village of Yellow Bud, OH. Ancestor of Patricia Rockwell, 2766 W. Cattail Place, Tucson, AZ 85745, .
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    Philip Minear moved to Ross County, Ohio where he died October 17, 1848. Philip went with his brother, David, to Kentucky "to explore land" and was drafted in the Army. (See application of David Minear for a pension). He was recommended as " Lieutenant of Militia" in Harrison County (now Randolph) in 1785. In 1798 he sold Luke Bryan 300 acres, part of 400 acres William Haddox survey which he had leased. This was in Barbour County. at the same time he had 200 acres and 400 acres "by right of residence" on the Cheat River, (Tucker County), near the mouth of Buffalo Creek. This was obtained October 5, 1783. On March 6, 1798, he made a deed to David Minear for 50 acres on both sides of "Minear's Mill Run" between The lands of Salathiel Goff and John Minear.

    As personal property Philip was assessed in Randolph County with 4 horses and 14 cows, while at the same time his brother David was assessed with 1 horse.

    Burial: Sunny Band Cem,Yellow Bud,Ross County,Ohio

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