Johann Georg Minnir (Minier) (Minear)(Anna) Catharina (Katrina) Mayer (Meyer)

John (Johan) MinearMarie Ursula

Janathan Minear

f a m i l y
Maria Catherine Minear
Philip Minear
David Minear
Adam C. Minear
John Minear, Jr.
Elizabeth Minear
Mary Ann Minear
Sarah Minear
Samuel Minear
Janathan Minear
  • Born: Abt 1753, Bucks Cty, PA
  • Died: 16 Apr 1780, St. George, Randolph Cty, VA


    Killed by Indians; Maxwell, History of Tucker Co, WV, p. 47. Fansler, p. 31-34, 55. Both books carry considerable references to Johnathon. Odie Chapman, "They Rest Quietly, Cemetery Records of Tucker Co., WV," p. 76 lists him, and says he is not interred here.

    Ancestor of Phyllis Mossing, 1565 Phyllis Mossing, 1565 Eleanor Ave., Toledo, OH, 43612 . 1994. Original data on Jonathan's family came from her.
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