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Hugh, de Keveliock de Meschines Earl of ChesterBertrade d'Evereaux de Montfort

Amicia de Meschines

f a m i l y
Children with:
Sir Ralph le Mesnilwarin

Tanglust of Chester

Sir Roger Mainwaring
Amicia de Meschines
  • Married to Sir Ralph le Mesnilwarin

    The Earl of Chester had daughter, Amicia, whose legitimacy is questioned. She married Ralph de Mesnilwarin, justice of Chester, "a person," says Dugdale, "of very ancient family," from which union the Mainwarings, of Over Peover, in the co. Chester, derive. Dugdale considers Amicia to be a dau. of the earl by a former wife. But Sir Peter Leicester, in his Antiquities of Chester, totally denies her legitimacy. "I cannot but mislike," says he, "the boldness and ignorance of that herald who gave to Mainwaring (late of Peover), the elder, the quartering of the Earl of Chester's arms; for if he ought of right to quarter that coat, then must the be descended from a co-heir to the Earl of Chester; but he was not; for the co-heirs of Earl Hugh married four of the greatest peers in the kingdom."
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