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Hugh, de Keveliock de Meschines Earl of Chester

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Children with:
Bertrade d'Evereaux de Montfort

Tanglust of Chester
Amicia de Meschines
Hugh, de Keveliock de Meschines Earl of Chester
  • Born: Abt 1147, Keveliock, Merionethshire, Wales
  • Married to Bertrade d'Evereaux de Montfort
  • Died: 30 Jun 1181, Leeke, Staffordshire, England

    pict1595.jpg [101x193] Hugh De Keveliock
    Buried in Chester, Chestershire, England
    From: http://freespace.virgin.net/c.crane/Kevelioc/Kevelioc.htm

    Hugh Kevelioc de Meschines, Earl of Chester, was surnamed from the place of his birth. He joined in the rebellion of the Earl of Leicester and the King of Scots, against King Henry II, and in support of that monarch's son, Prince Henry's pretensions to the crown. He was taken prisoner, with the Earl of Leicester, at Alnwick, but obtained his freedom soon afterwards upon the king's reconciliation with the young prince.

    Again, however, hoisting the banner of revolt, both in England and in Normandy, with as little success. he was again seized, and then detained a prisoner for some years. He eventually, however, obtained his liberty and restoration of his lands, when public tranquillity became completely re-established some time about the 23rd year of the king's reign.

    Hugh married Bertred of Evereux, daughter of Simon, Earl of Evereux, in Normandy. They had the following children :

    - Ranulph (Randle) Keveliok, his successor. He died without issue and his inheritance was shared between his sister
    - Maud Keveliok, who married David, Earl of Huntingdon, brother of William, King of Scotland. He took the title for her issue and held title to her brotherís lands in North Wales.
    - Mabel Keveliok, who married William de Albini, Earl of Arundel. Hugh de Albany, Earl of Arundel, son of Mabel and William, inherited from his late uncle, Ranulph, Coventry, as his chief seat, with the manors of Campden, in Gloucestershire; Diney, in Buckinghamshire; and Leeds, in Yorkshire. Mabel inherited the manor of Barow in Leicestershire from her brother
    - Agnes Keveliok, Countess of Derby, married William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby. She and her husband had the castle and manor of Chartley, in Staffordshire, and inherited from her late brother all the lands which lay between the rivers Ribble and Merse, together with a manor in Northamptonshire, and another in Lincolnshire. She also inherited the count of Powys
    - Hawise Keveliok, who married Robert de Quincy, son of Saier de Quincy, Earl of Winchester. She and her husband had the castle and manor of Bolingbroke, co. Lincoln, and other large estates in that shire. Their relative Margaret de Quincy subsequently married William Ferrers in 1258. I am also descended from them. Hawise subsequently gave the Earldom of Lincoln to John Lacy

    The Earl had another daughter, Amicia, whose legitimacy is questioned. She married Ralph de Mesnilwarin, justice of Chester, "a person," says Dugdale, "of very ancient family," from which union the Mainwarings, of Over Peover, in the co. Chester, derive. Dugdale considers Amicia to be a dau. of the earl by a former wife. But Sir Peter Leicester, in his Antiquities of Chester, totally denies her legitimacy. "I cannot but mislike," says he, "the boldness and ignorance of that herald who gave to Mainwaring (late of Peover), the elder, the quartering of the Earl of Chester's arms; for if he ought of right to quarter that coat, then must the be descended from a co-heir to the Earl of Chester; but he was not; for the co-heirs of Earl Hugh married four of the greatest peers in the kingdom."

    Hugh died at Leeke, in Staffordshire, in 1181.

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