Raimund Berengar II Count of BarcelonaMaud de Hauteville

Ramon Berengar III Marquis of BarcelonaAldonza Milhaud Dulcia de Gevaudan

Ramon Berangar IV Prince of Aragon

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Children with:
Petronella Queen of Aragon

Berenguela Raimundo de Barcelona

Alphonso II "The Chaste" King of Aragon
Ramon Berangar IV Prince of Aragon
  • Born: Abt 1113, Barcelona, Spain
  • Married Abt 1151, Huesca, Spain, to Petronella Queen of Aragon
  • Died: 8 Aug 1162, San Dalmacio, Cueno, Italy

    Ramon BERENGAR IV Prince Of Aragon, Count Of Barcelona

    Lerida (Lleida) Province of Lerida, Cataluna

    Lerida was taken from the Moors in 1149 by Raymond Berengar IV, Count of Barcelona, who in 1151 married Petronella, Queen of Aragon. The cathedral, La Seu Vella, replaced the mosque in 1203, and the Moorish castle was converted into a palace for the use of their descendants, the kings of Aragon. Both buildings are enclosed within defensive walls standing on a rock and can be reached today by use of a lift.

    In 1707 the cathedral became a barracks to house the troops of Felipe V who wished to punish the people for their lack of support in the War of Spanish Succession. A new cathedral was begun in the town in 1781 making the old one redundant. Today it stands empty, but with fine Gothic windows and carved capitals, it is still an imposing building
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