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Sir John Wright

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Children with:
Olive Hubbard

Katherine Wright
Sir John Wright
  • Born: Bef 12 Jul 1488, Kelvendon Hatch, Essex, England
  • Married 17 Mar 1509, Kelvedon,Essex,England, to Olive Hubbard
  • Died: 5 Oct 1551, Kelvendon Manor, Essex, England

    pict2701.jpg [171x193] The Wright Coat of Arms, granted to Sir John on Jun 20, 1509
    The Wrights of Kelvedon Hatch are fairly well know in gene- alogy circles as the Kelvedon Wrights. Records indicate the early family lived at Dagen- hams as Sir John Wright(1) was Christened there on 27 Oct 1450, as was his son John Wright(2) who was Christened on 12 Jul 1488, and died there on 5 Oct 1551. Olive Hubbard, the wife of John Wright(2) was also born at Dagenhams, and Christened there on 22 Feb 1487. The same records also indicate their marriage on 17 Mar 1509 at Dagenhams.

    However, before Kelvedon Manor was purchased, John Wright, although had been recorded as in Kelvedon Hatch, was considered as a yeoman of South Weald. From this we can gather that the family had moved into the South Weald area from Dagenhams, sometime after his marriage in 1509. As of this writing, we do know that John Wright and his wife Olive Hubbard were in the Kelvedon Hatch area by 1522. Their son, John [Myddle] Wright was born 19 Jun 1522, Kelvedon Hatch, as was John [young] Wright, 4 May 1524.

    The Kelvedon Manor was purchased in 1538, yet "The first Book of the Registers of St Peter" has "Johanis Wryght, son of Johanis of Wealdside, md. Alicia Wood, widow, 13 Sep 1541". This indicates that John and Olive Wright may have still lived at Wealside.

    The "Eldest" John Wright remained in Kelvedon Hatch, while "Myddle" John, although born in Kelvedon Hatch, lived near Wealdside in South Weald and is considered by most as John Wright of "Wright's Bridge" [when looking at the map, it looks as though it is in Havering]. "Young" John was considered as John Wright "of South Weld".
    Compiled from
    "History and Topography of The County of Essex
    Comprising its Ancient and Modern History"
    1895, Vol 2, page 421.
    This is the second parish of this name in Essex, distinguished from Kelvedon, in Witham hundred, by the term Hatch, applied to a rural gate of a peculiar construction. From Brentwood this parish is a distant five, and from London nineteen miles.

    Ailric, Algar, a freeman, and Leueua, had the lands of this parish before the Conquest; and after that event they were in the divided possession of St. Peter's, Westminster; Odo, bishop of Bayeux, whose under-tenant was the nephew of Herbert; and Hamo Dapifer, who's under-tenant was Ralph.

    Afterwards, these lands were divided into two manors. Ailric gave his part to St. Peter's of Westminster; his grant was confirmed by Edward the confessor, and the abbot and monks retained possession till after the year 1532, and it is believed to have been all or the greater part of it included in the manor of Germains, or Jermins, to which the rectory was appendant.

    Kelvedon Hall is near the west end of the church, and the owners may be traced out by the presentations: In 1372, the advowson was in sir Roger de Kirketon and others. From 1383 to 1457, John de Hagh, Thomas de Hagh, Richard Haw, and John Haw, esquires, presented. Next followed the Bollis, Bolles, or Bowle family, from 1464 to 1511. John Wright, gent. presented in 1547, succeeded by his descendants of many generations. It now [1895] belongs to the rev. Edward Linsey.

    In 1521, Richard Bolles, esq. died holding this manor of the abbot of St. Peter's, Westminster: his son John died in 1532, who left Richard, his son heir. It was holden of Richard Hawe, by Henry Chadirton, by the rent of sixpence, in 1444, whose son and heir was Henry Chadirton: succeeded, in 1524, by Henry Torrel, esq. of Navestock; whose son Humphrey, his successor, died in 1544, holding this parish. From whence it appears that the Wright family became possessed of the capital manor of this parish between the years 1524 and 1544.

    John Wright, esq. with Olive his wife, were buried in Kelvedon church, in 1551. John, his son, died in 1563. By his wife Joan, he had his heir John, who held this manor of Robert lord Rich: he had also the manor of White Notley, and, on his death in 1608, left John Wright, his son, his heir, who married Anne, one of the daughters of sir Edward Sulyard, of Flemyngs, in Runwell; and had by her three sons and four daughters.

    He died in 1661; their eldest son was John Wright, esq. who married Frances, eldest daughter of sir Phillip Waldegrave, esq. of Borley; he died in 1661, leaving John, Phillip, and Frances. John Wright, the eldest son, married Philippa, daughter of Willilam Fitz-Williams, esq. of Glixby, in Lincolnshire, and had by her five sons and four daughters. She died in 1687, and he in 1691.

    John Wright, esq. the eldest son and heir, married Eugenia, daughter of Charles Trinder, esq. and had by her his son and heir, John, who died in 1751, leaving, by his wife ___ Smith, or ?Carrington, John Wright, esq. Arms of Wright: Azure, two bars argent, in chief, a leopard's face, or.

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