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Olive Hubbard

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Children with:
Sir John Wright

Katherine Wright
Olive Hubbard
  • Born: Bef 22 Feb 1487, Dagenhams, Essex, England
  • Married 17 Mar 1509, Kelvedon,Essex,England, to Sir John Wright
  • Died: Oct 1560, Kelvedon,Essex,England

    Of Kelvedon (Hatch)
    22 June 1560

    [Taken from "Essex Wills", Archdeaconry of Essex,page 92,
    with added information from "History of The Wright Family"
    by William Henry Wright and Gertrude Wright Ketcham 1913. Added part in blue.]

    Olive Wright of Kelvedon (Hatch), 22 June 1560

    In the Name of God, Amen. 22 June 1560.
    Olyve Wryght of the parish of Kelvedon, County Essex, sick of body but whole of mind. Soul to God.
    To be buried in the chancel of Kelvedon church. To the reparations of the said church 4. To the reparations of South Weald church 40s. To the poor people at my burial 5 and at my month's day 5. To the poor people of Kelvedon and South Weald for 20 years after my decease, 30s, every year, half in Kelvedon and half in South Weald, at my executors' descretion. To Katherine my daughter 5. To Richard, Thomas, Reynold, Parnell and Elizabeth GREENE 40s apiece. To Mary GREENE and Olive her daughter 20s, and to Katherine's children 6s. 8d. apiece. To Olive WRIGHT, daughter of Robert my son 20s. and to Katherine, Dorothy, and Thomas, his children 20s. apiece. To Joan WRIGHT daughter of John WRIGHT of Kelvedon 40s and to Thomas her son 20s and her other two children 6s. 8d. apiece. To Olive and Dorothy daughters of John WRIGHT of the bridge my son late deceased 20s apiece and to John, Robert, and Agnes his children 13s. 4d apiece. To Katherine GREENE my daughter 3 chests in my chamber and a cupboard in my parlour. I will that my linen be equally divided among my children. To the said Katherine 6 silver spoons and 1 silver cup with a covering. To Alice PARKYNS my daughter 5 and to her children 20s. apiece. To Elizabeth SHEPPARD my daughter 5 and to William OUTRED 20s, and his two sons 20s apiece. To Robert WRIGHT, my son 1 chest in my chamber. To John my son of Wealdside [in South Weald] 1 silver pot with a cover, to John HUMPHREY and Mary his children 40s. apiece, to Anthony and Dorothy 20s. apiece, and to his two youngest children 6s. 8d. apiece. To John WRIGHT of Kelvedon my son a joined table and a spit, and to his children John, Robert and Dorothy 20s. apiece. To Katherine my daughter my bed as it is and a little board coffer. To Oliver CONBERS my goddaughter now being with me 20s. The residue of my goods shall be given among the poor people in Kelvedon, [South] Weald and Navestock by my executors, whom I ordain John WRIGHT of Wealdside and John GREENE of Navestock, and for their labour 20s. apiece, and John WRIGHT of Kelvedon and Robert WRIGHT to be my overseers, and for their labour 10s apiece. To Alice STACEE widow of Weald churchgate 20s., Oliver STACEE my godduaghter 6s. 8d., and Alice GREENE 13s, 4d. To John WRIGHT, Humphrey WRIGHT and Mary WRIGHT 2 silver spoons apiece.

    Paul SPENCE curate, of Kelvedon
    John CHESSON, Thomas NEVELL.
    Proved 12 Oct 1560.
    [Duodecimo die mensis prefati (Oct 1560) probatum fuit tesm Olavi Wright nuper de Kelydon def juram to Execator Quibus commissa fuit administraco, etc. Jurat ad sea dei evangelia. (Act Book I, folio 17.)]

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