Alfred The Great King of EnglandAlswitha (Ealswhitha) of Mercia Queen of the Gaini

Edward the Elder King of EnglandEcqwyn of Wessex

Edmund I

f a m i l y
Children with:
Elgiva (St. Aelfgifu) Queen of England

Elgive (Eadgifu, Edgiva, Adiva, Ogive) Princess of England

Edgar "The Peacable" King of England
Edmund I "The Magnificent" King of England
  • Born: Abt 922
  • Married to Elgiva (St. Aelfgifu) Queen of England
  • Died: 26 May 946, Pucklechurch, Dorset, England

    pict2628.jpg [100x142] Edmund I, "The Magnificent", King of England
    Edmund I the Magnificent. was born in 922, the twelfth of his father's fifteen children. The first of the six Boy Kings, he reigned from 939 to 946. He had to meet a general uprising of the Danes of Mercia as well as those of the North. In the suppression of this he showed himself to be a great statesman as well as a great warrior. Little is definitely known about the policy of the Scots at this time but it appears that they joined the English whenever they were afraid of the Danes, and joined the Danes whenever they were afraid of the English. Edmund made it to be the interest of the Scottish King permanently to join the English. The southern part of the kingdom of Strathclyde had for some time been under the English Kings. In 945 Edmund took the remainder, but gave it to Malcolm on condition that he should be his fellow worker by sea and land. The king of the Scots thus entered into a position of dependent alliance towards Edmund. A great step was thus taken; the dominant powers in the island were to be English and Scots, not English and Danes. Edmund thought it worth while to conciliate the Scottish Celts rather than to endeavor to conquer them. The result of Edmund's statesmanship was soon seen, but he did not live to gather its fruits. On May 26, 946 an outlaw named Lief, who had taken his seat at a banquet in his hall, slew him as Edmund was attempting to drag him out by his hair. He was succeeded by his brother Edred. He married *Princess Elgiva (Aelfgifu)., known as the "Fairies Gift,." who died in 944.
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