Aethelwulf King of England (Wessex)Osburga of WessexAethelan Earl of MerciaEadburh (Fadburn) of Mercia

Alfred The Great King of EnglandAlswitha (Ealswhitha) of Mercia Queen of the Gaini

Edward the Elder King of England

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Children with:
Ecqwyn of Wessex

Aelfrida Princess of England
Aethelfleda Princess of England

Edmund I "The Magnificent" King of England
Elgive (Eadgifu, Edgiva, Adiva, Ogive) Princess of England
Edward the Elder King of England
  • Born: Abt 870
  • Married to Ecqwyn of Wessex
  • Died: Abt 924, Forndon, Northamptonshire, England

    pict2630.jpg [157x193] Eward I, "The Elder", King of England
    Edward the Elder, "The Unconquered", King of England
    "The Unconquerored King," was born about 870 and died about 924. He reigned 24 years from 900 to 924. He was not, like his father, a legislator or a scholar, although it is said that he founded the University of Cambridge, but he was great warrior. He gradually extended his sway over the whole island, in which project he was assisted by his sister the "Lady of Mercia" who headed her own troops and gained victories over both the Danes and Britons. Tradition assigns to Edward an even wider rule shortly before his death. In the middle of the ninth century the Picts and the Scots had been amalgamated under Kenneth MacAlpin, the King of the Scots, just as Mercia and Wessex were being welded together by the attacks of the Danes. It is said that in 925 the King of the Scots, together with other northern rulers, chose Edward "to father and lord." Probably this statement only covers some act of alliance formed by the English King with King of Scots and other lesser rulers. Nothing was more natural than that of the Scottish King, Constantine, should wish to obtain the support of Edward against his enemies; and it is natural that if Edward agreed to support him he would require some acknowledgment of the superiority of the English King. After a prosperous reign, King Edward died in Forndon, Northamptonshire in 925. He married Lady Edgiva (Edgina), daughter of Earl Sigelline (Sigilline), Earl of Meapham. He succeeded his father about 901, and raised the supremacy of Wessex into something little short of an imperial authority, extending his sway over Mercia, East Anglia, and Northumbria.
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