Elgiva (St. Aelfgifu) Queen of England

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Children with:
Edmund I "The Magnificent" King of England

Edgar "The Peacable" King of England
Elgiva (St. Aelfgifu) Queen of England
  • Born: Abt 924
  • Married to Edmund I "The Magnificent" King of England
  • Died: Abt 944
  • Occupation: Queen of England and Abbess Of Shaftbury

    St. Elgiva

    Feastday: May 18

    Queen and mother of Kings Edwy of the Saxons and Edgar, King of England, and wife of Edmund the First. She gave up public life and became a Benedictine nun at Shaftesbury.
    St. Aelfgith the Younger
    (Died AD 944)
    St. Aelfgith was the first wife of King Edmund the Magnificent of England. The two were married in around AD 940 and Aelfgith soon became the mother of the future Kings Edwig All-Fair and St. Edgar the Peacemaker. Little is known of her life, but William of Malmesbury tells us how she redeemed condemned men, gave away precious garments to the poor and stoically endured prolonged physical suffering. She is also known to have taken a great interest in Shaftesbury Abbey, where her mother, Winflaeda had been a lay sister. King Edmund is known to have swapped land at Butticanley with some at Tisbury, so that his wife could leave it to the Abbey. What malady afflicted her is unknown, but she died before her husband, on 18th May AD 944 and was buried at Shaftesbury. Soon afterward, a number of invalids were healed at her graveside and she quickly became revered as a saint with a popular cult. She should not be confused with her husband's aunt, St. Aelfgith the Elder.

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