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Christian, Sr. HarnessBarbara Hiestand

Christian, Jr. Harness

f a m i l y
Children with:
Mary Snider

Peter Harness
Christian, Jr. Harness
  • Born: Abt 1748, Botetourt, VA
  • Married 21 May 1774, Botetourt, VA, to Mary Snider
  • Died: Abt 1785, Botetourt, VA - Harnish Family Genealogy Forum

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    Christian HARNESS (Jr.)
    BIRTH: ABT 1750
    DEATH: BET 1784-1787, Botetourt County, VA
    FATHER: Christian HARNESS
    MARRIAGE: 21 MAY 1774, Botetourt County, VA
    CHILDREN: 1. John HARNESS 2. Christopher HARNESS 3. Peter HARNESS 4. David HARNESS

    NOTES: Two months after receiving the patent for his father's 303 acres, he sold
    the land to his sister Barbara & her husband Joseph Strickler. Shortly after
    this, he moved south near Christiansburg, VA. He received 2 land grants: 92
    acres on the head of Den Waters called "Three Springs", & 22 acres on
    Wilson's Run, North Fork of the Roanoke River. This land later became
    Montgomery County.

    _Martin HARNISH
    _Christian HARNESS
    | |
    | |_Magdalena MARTIN
    |--Christian HARNESS
    | _Henry HIESTANT
    | |
    |_Barbara HIESTANT

    re: his wife, Mary SNIDER:
    BIRTH: ABT 1750
    DEATH: BET 1848-1850, Rockcastle County, KY
    FAMILY2: Campbell MCCAULLEY (md. 1 NOV 1787 in Botetourt County, VA)

    Source: Compiled by Vivian Creedin, Marysville, WA, 29 Jun 1995.

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