Martin Harnish

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Children with:
Magdalina [Harnish] ??

Christian, Sr. Harness
Martin Harnish
  • Born: 1678 to 1695, Germany
  • Married to Magdalina [Harnish] ??
  • Died: 1744 to 1745, Lancaster, PA

    pict2188.jpg [193x126] Harnish House
    According to family tradition, Martin Harnish and his wife Magdalena entered America at New York, but soon came to Pennsylvania. They arrived in Lancaster County between 1700 and 1718. They probably came to America as a young couple with two children. He may have come from the German state of Württemberg. There are records of a Harnish farm in Zweibrücken, a nearby German province. Martin and Magdalena were probably born before 1700 in Europe. They were probably married there before 1720.
    The name Harnish is derived from "harness" or "armor." It was probably used for one who made these items.

    Martin Harnish accepted citizenship in Pennsylvania in 1729. He also purchased land in that year. On August 22, 1734, he recieved warrant for 300 acres in Salisbury Township between Conestoga and Pequa Creeks.

    Martin Harnish died some time after December 26, 1744 and before February 13, 1744/45.

    Martin and Magdalena Harnish had the following children:

    John Jacob Harnish b. abt 1720
    Michael Harnish d. 1769
    Christian Harnish d. bef 1744 (probably died before father; probably no heirs)
    Martin Harnish
    m. Catharine
    Barbara Harnish
    m. John Hockman
    Anna Harnish
    m. Stephen Liess
    Mary Harnish d. bef 1744 (probably died before father; probably no heirs)
    Left Germany in 1719, possibly ported in New York. No accurate records since conditions were unfavorable for Mennonites at that time. He was a wealthy man, owning 700 acres of land.

    The Harnish House

    The stone house on the extreme right of this image is the original Harnish house, it was located on the New Danville Pike in Conestoga Twp, it is now located on the grounds of the Conestoga Area Historical Society.
    Built by Martin Harnish, the house dates back to about 1750, the land was warranted to Martin Harnish and patented in 1748 by Jacob Harnish. Martin had died prior to 1748. It was replaced about 1800 by a frame house which burned down about 1850 and the brick house, still on the property, was built. This stone home served as living quarters for the family while the brick building was being constructed.

    The children of Martin and Magdalena Harnish were Jacob, born about 1720; Michael, born about 1722; Christian, born about 1725; Martin, born about 1730, married Catherine Schehr; Andrew, born Aug. 1, 1759; Barbara, born about 1732, married John Hackman and emigrated to Virginia. Anna Harnish born about 1734, married Stephen Liess; and Mary, born about 1736 and died young.

    The building is 2 1/2 stories and constructed with field stones, the roof was made of tile. Its about 15 feet by 24 feet and was build on the side of a hill so both the lowest level and the middle level had ground floor access. The lowest level served as the kitchen, it was a single open room. The second level had two rooms, a bed room for the parents and a family or sitting room. The third floor was a loft where the children slept. The second level had a set of narrow, winding stairs to the loft but to get to the kitchen from either level you had to go outside, there is no internal way to get to the kitchen.

    The house was moved in Oct. 2000 to the grounds of the historical, about a two mile trip at the cost of about $30,000. It was brought up the New Danville Pike to Elm Street, and then up Elm to Kendig Road and then up Kendig Road to the grounds of the historical society. The house has been fitted with some reproductions of period pieces as well as lots of information on the Harnish family.

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