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Children with:
Ann Kaufman

Barbara Hiestand
Heinrich Hiestand
  • Born: 8 Sep 1705 or 8 Oct 1704, Richterswil, Zurich Canton, Switzerland
  • Married Abt 1732 to Ann Kaufman
  • Died: 5 Oct 1779, (now Page Co., Virginia), Shenandoah Co., Virginia

    From http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~grissom110/hestand%20desc/d1.htm

    The Hiestands were Mennonites that immigrated here from Switzerland. He probably moved to Pennsylvania and then to Orange (now Page) County, Virginia, where he lived as early as Sept. 22, 1743, when he bought 205 acres on the banks of the Shenandoah River from Philip Long of $54.16: this was the area know as Powell's Fort. On Aug 2, 1762, he received a 264 acre grant from Lord Fairfax on the south side of the South River of Shenandoah adjoin the old Massamutten tract, and on June 3, 1778, as assignee of Peter Teas, he received a 400 acre grant from Lord Fairfax on Passage Creek in Powell's Fort. Hiestand made his will on March 22, 1777, giving his property to his five sons and three daughters, and on March 24, 1777, he sold 230 acres on the south side of the Shenandoah River to his son Peter for $100. Also on March 24, 1777, he sold 232 acres in the area to his son John for $100, and at the same time he evidently loaned money to his son Abraham to buy 300 acres from Lord Fairfax. His estate was probated on Aug 28. 1783.


    In the Name God Amen I Henry Heisting living in Dunmore Co in
    Province of Virginia do the twenty-second day of March in the year of
    our lord & saviour Jesus Christ One thousand seven hundred seventy
    seven make known and declare this my last will & Testament in good
    health & Perfect Senses & Memory therefore thanks be to God for his
    goodness. This my last will & testament I make in the following
    manner & form. To say First it is my will & ordain that for the first
    my funeral charges & all just Debts shall be paid of my estate. Item.
    it is my will and consession & ordain that my eldest son Jacob shall
    have five pounds before hand but yet afterwards shall receive Equal
    Legacy with all the rest of my children & no more. Item. it is my
    will & ordaining that my son Jacob shall have my place is in where I
    now yet live for hundred & eighty pounds for money as it is current
    in Virginia after my decease. Item. it is my will & ordaining what yet
    remains of my moveable effects or money & bonds that all shall be
    Equally & Peacably divided after my decease. Item. it is my will &
    ordaining that my five sons after my decease shall give out to my
    three daughters until they are all equal in legacy but for all I
    ordain & it is my will that my youngest daughter Magdalena. Shall have
    ten pounds less in her legacy than the other children because of a
    reason I now don't choose to mention & in like case my son Daniel
    shall in like case have ten pounds less for a legacy than the six
    remain, because of the same reason which I now don't choose to
    mention. Item. it is my will & ordaining that my eldest daughter
    Barbara shall have nothing of this legacy as long as she lives in
    wedlock with this man but when shes comes to be a widow woman then she
    shall have her share what comes to her by right like the above
    mentioned six children but if she should die before her husband then
    her children shall have her legacy in her stead as they come to their
    age. Further I declare what my daughter Barbara has received of me
    towards her legacy which amounts to forty pounds twelve shillings here
    with I ordain & shall be justly kept that after my decease shall be
    distributed to the poor ten shillings of my estate..so this is my last
    will & testament that all this shall be faithfully & _____?____ kept
    what I in this my last will order for witness I have as is under
    set my hand & seal the day & year as is above written.
    Signed Pronounced of me the Henry Heistan as my last will &
    Testament. In all your presents 22 March 1777

    s/Henry Hiestand

    To the following it is my will & consession & ordaining in this my
    will & testament that my grand son Chrestel Harnish shall receive no
    more of this legacy because he has already received more than his
    other brothers & sisters have legiciated. In witness where I have
    here under set my hand seal in all your presence with day & date as
    before already has been mentioned.
    Signed Pronounced of Henry Hiestand as my last will & Testament
    In all your Presence Signed of us the 22 of March 1777
    Joh Krech > At a court held for Shenandoah on Thursday the
    Jacob Hiestand > 28th Aug 1783. This last will & testament of
    Peter Hiestand > Henry Hiesting Deceased was Proved by the Oath of
    Andrew Gimling > Jacob & Peter Hiesting & order to record.Test
    Thos Marshall esq
    US/CAN Film No. 33866 Shenandoah Co Court House, Woodstock, VA
    Will Book "B" with Inventories & Accounts 1783-1789 - see pgs 2-4 he
    Jacob Hiestand > 28th Aug 1783. This last will & testament of
    Peter Hiestand ---------------------------------------------------------------

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