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Clodius (Clodio) King of the Franks

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Children with:
Basina de Thuringia

Merovaeus (Merovius) (Meerweg) King of the Salic Franks
Sigimerus I Auvergne
Clodius (Clodio) King of the Franks
  • Born: Abt 389, Westphalia
  • Married to Basina de Thuringia
  • Died: Abt 445

    pict1809.jpg [120x116] Clodius of the Frank, King of the Franks
    Title: Traditionally called king of the Franks (Roi des Francs)
    Reign: 427/428 - 447/448 (traditional dates)
    End of reign: 447/448 (traditional date), died
    Name/byname: Byname: Chlodio the Long-haired; French: Clodion (Chlodion) le Chevelu

    Clodion is considered by some authors (1) the son and heir of Pharamond. According to Gregory of Tours, he lived in the castle of Dispargum, Thuringia. Chlodio's tribe renounced the suzerainty of Rome after 428 and broke across the Scheldt River, spreading southward into Gaul and occupying the region as far as the Somme. The Franks seized Tournai and Cambrai, but their defeat (c. 431) by the Roman military commander, magister utriusque militiae Flavius Ătius, at Helena (HÚlesme), prevented further expansion. He made peace with Ătius and died c. 447/448.

    Notes: (1) See Sulpicius Alexander, The Book of the History of the Franks, 5.

    Sources. Text: R. P. Anselme, Histoire de la maison royale de France et des grands officiers de la Couronne, Paris: Estienne Loyson, 1674; Gregory of Tours, History of the Franks, Book 2, chapter 9; Image: A medal by Jean Dassier (Medaille Histoire chronologique des rois de France: en 70 jetons).

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