Saint Arnulf, Bishop of Metz de HeristalClothilde Pepin I Itte (Itta)

Ansigise of Metz MerovingSaint Begga (Beggue) de Landin

Pepin II de Heristal

f a m i l y
Children with:
Elphide (Chalpaida) (Alpais) of Saxony

Martin of Laon

Charles Martel
Childebrand I, Count of Autun
Pepin II de Heristal
  • Born: Abt 634, Heristal, near Liege, Belgium
  • Married to Elphide (Chalpaida) (Alpais) of Saxony
  • Married to Plectudis
  • Died: 16 Dec 714, Jupile on the Muse, France

    Pepin II "The Fat" of Heristal Mayor of the Palace (to King Theuderic) Duc de Brabant

    Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia 680-714

    When Pepin II became Mayor of the Austrasian Palace in 680, his only rival for power was Mayor Ebroin of the Neustrian Palace. In 687, the Neustrian people begged Pepin to rid them of their mayor, so Pepin opened talks with Ebroin and the boy-king Theuderic III, however battle soon occured and both Ebroin and Theuderic were defeated at Tertry. Pepin thus inherited the Palaces of Neustria and Burgundy, where he placed his sons. In 714, Pepin died of a fever.
    Pepin of Heristal (Pepin II), d. 714, mayor of the palace (680714) of the Frankish territory of Austrasia; grandson of Pepin of Landen and father of Charles Martel. After defeating the nobles of Neustria at the battle of Tertry (687), Pepin made himself mayor, or ruler, of all the Frankish kingdoms except Aquitaine, with the Merovingian dynasty retaining the nominal kingship. He defeated the Frisians, the Alemanni, and the Bavarians and established a strong government, thus laying the foundation for the empire of his descendants, the Carolingian mayors and kings.

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