Lantfrid II von Herzog King of the AlemanniHnabi, Duke of Allemannia Von Herzog

Gerold I (Childebrand) King of the AllemanniImma, Duchess of Swabia von Alemannien

Heldegarde, de Linzgau Holy Roman Empress

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Children with:
Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor

Hadrian de Allemania von Wormsgau Count of Orleans
Irmintrudis von Swabia
Lady Irmintrudus of Swabia

Pepin I, King of Italy
Louis I, "The Pious" Holy Roman Emperor
Bertha of the Franks Princess of France
Charles "The Younger" Holy Roman Emperor
Heldegarde, de Linzgau Holy Roman Empress
  • Born: Abt 757, Achen, Rhineland, Germany
  • Married 771 to Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor
  • Died: 30 Apr 783, Thionville, Austrasia

    Hildegarde, Countess of Swabia (Linzgau), Holy Roman Empress

    Charlemagne married Hildegard in 771 after divorcing Desideria. With her, he had most of his children and all of his heirs. She was the daughter of an Alemani duke.

    She was buried at Abbaye de St. Arnoul, Metz, Austrasia
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