Pepin III  Bertrada II Countess of Laon

Charlemagne Holy Roman EmperorHimiltrude Consort of Charlemagne

Alpais (Aupais) d'Aquitaine

f a m i l y
Children with:
Begue (Bego) Count of Paris

Pepin I, King of Italy
Louis I, "The Pious" Holy Roman Emperor
Bertha of the Franks Princess of France
Charles "The Younger" Holy Roman Emperor

Leutaud (Liedrat) de Paris
Eberhard Count of Paris
Alpais (Aupais) d'Aquitaine
  • Born: Abt 764
  • Married Abt 803 to Begue (Bego) Count of Paris
  • Died: Aft 852

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