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Thomas Daniell of Over TableyIsabel Rixton

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley

f a m i l y
Children with:
Maud Leycester

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
  • Married 1440 to Maud Leycester

    9 Edw. IV. (1469/70) Plea Rolls :-
    John Tabley and George Asshton. Fine of 6 mess., 180 acs. of land, 8 of mead., 40 of past., 4 of wood, and 12 of moor in Overtabley.

    In 1666 in this township there is an ancient Chappel, called Over Tabley Chappel, or more generally known by the name of the Chappel in the Street ; for it is situate in the High-street ; an old pitiful structure, ill seated, and now in decay. This chappel of ease being within the parish of Rosthorne, was built about the reign of Henry the Sixth, by the ancestors of Leycester of Nether Tabley, and Daniell of Over Tabley, for the ease and convenience of these two families, and of all their tenants in Over Tabley and Nether Tabley: probably after the match of Thomas Daniell and Maud Leycester, which was in anno Domini 1440, 18 Hen. VI. It seems to be erected, not long after, for convenience of both families, and placed in the middle-way between the two houses ; one half of the said chappel belonging to Leycester and his tenants, and the other half to Daniell and his tenants; and so hath been enjoyed ever since accordingly.

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