Louis Myette (Mayette) (Myatt) (Mallet)Amelia FurlongCharles DubrayMarguerite Rosalie Gonyea

George Arthur MyetteAlice Dubray

Marguerit Myette

f a m i l y
Charles Louis Myette
George Edward Myette
William Henry Myette
Marguerit Myette
  • Born: 21 Feb 1916
  • Married to George Clark
  • Died: 30 Oct 1992, Chicopee, MA

    Married name Marguerit Clark

    Adopted by George and Alice Myette

    Social Security Death Record
    Marguerit CLARK
    Birth Date: 21 Feb 1916
    Death Date: 30 Oct 1992
    Social Security Number: 025-16-6989
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Massachusetts

    Death Residence Localities
    ZIP Code: 01013
    Localities: Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts
    Chicopee Center, Hampden, Massachusetts

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